What We Do

Research informs and classrooms inspire RELATE. Our work focuses on relationships in the classroom setting to support positive outcomes for students, teachers, and parents. RELATE offers a classroom observation tool and an integrated approach to professional development (PD). The research that drives what we teach through tools and PD focuses on supportive schools and culturally responsive social and emotional learning (SEL).

classroom observation tool

The RELATE tool is an easy-to-use observation measure.

professional development approach

The RELATE PD approach helps all adults in the classroom build strong relationships.

Supportive educational environments are associated with improved outcomes for both the students and the teachers who educate them.

supportive schools initiative

culturally responsive sel

Applying a culturally responsive lens to social and emotional learning is essential to serving diverse students.

~Special Education Teacher

"Trying to evaluate a special education teacher with a general education rubric is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole... for my students, their success is in asking a question, not answering it."

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