SEL for All Learners

SEL for All Learners is a collaborative initiative.

SEL for All Learners is a collaborative initiative to create a more equitable education system through social and emotional learning by catalyzing and supporting sustained change toward the meaningful inclusion of all students.


We must work to support the full and equal participation of all students in SEL, and do so in ways that are shaped by the needs and strengths of learners and educators who are marginalized by typical educational models.


The narrative for students with learning disabilities and their education and treatment in our society is one of profound intersectionality. Race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability intersect to create interdependent and overlapping systems of disadvantage for students. 


With funding from the OAK Foundation (OCAY-19-407) to Dr. Cipriano in partnership with Dr. Gabrielle Schlichtmann of EdTogether, the collaborative team is beginning this work through a rigorous barriers analysis of the RULER Approach, the SEL offering by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, to identify barriers and access points for students who learn and think differently.

Image by Atikah Akhtar

Concurrently, the SEL for All Learners team is conducting a systematic review of intersectional student identity representation in universal school-based SEL interventions.

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